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This section provides statistics and facts related to education and science, including information on educational institutions, skills and levels, markets, as well as data on research and development.

The education system in the United States begins with pre-kindergarten and can go through graduate school. Educational attainment and achievement are monitored and evaluated throughout primary and secondary school (elementary school through high school), often with benchmark testing that can have an effect on a school’s funding. Post-secondary educational institutions (community colleges, colleges, universities, and professional schools), while broad-ranging in terms of people served and topics available for study, have a growing reputation for their exorbitant costs and the amount of loans that students must take out in order to fund their education, and there is increased discussion about the actual worth of a college degree in terms of employability and future income.

The statistics that are provided in the education section range over topics as diverse as school demographics, bullying, performance and benchmarks, success rates, enrollment, funding, costs, student loans and debt, income and salaries, majors and degree types, rankings, institutions, educational structures, technology, and classroom conditions, among others.

Closely related to the field of education is science and research. Research facilities are often (but not always) attached to educational institutions, and some information, such as funding and demographics, may have some overlap with educational statistics. Other topics covered in the science and research section include research and development spending (public and private), research fields, employment outlook, research conditions, patents, and Nobel Prize winners.

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