Number of available apps in the Apple App Store from July 2008 to January 2017

This statistic gives information on the number of available apps in the Apple App Store since July 2008. As of January 2017, 2.2 million mobile apps were available to download for various iOS devices.

Apple App Store – additional information

The Apple App Store allows users to browse and download applications to their iPhone, iPod Touch, of iPad. Apple’s App Store was first launched in July 2008. By measuring the cumulative number of apps downloaded from the Apple App Store from July 2008 to October 2014, its popularity can be determined. For the month of April 2009, Apple reported 1 billion downloads from its App Store. This figure has continued to rise ever since and as of October 2015, there were an estimated 100 billion downloads made worldwide.
Apple’s App Store offers a variety of categories to its users, including health and fitness, music and reference apps. The most popular Apple App Store categories in September 2015, as a share of available apps on the platform are as follows; games proved to be the most popular during that month with a 22.21 percent share. Educational apps were ranked second with a 10.36 percent share and business came third with a 9.43 percent share. At the other end of the list, however, the navigation category proved to be one of the least popular, with only a 1.27 percent share of active apps.
Google Play, the official app store developed by Google is one of Apple App Store’s main competitors, as revealed by analysis of the total revenue distribution between the two app stores. In November 2012, Google Play held a 19 percent share of revenue compared to Apple App Store’s 81 percent. However, Apple’s dominant share began to wane a year later. In November 2013, Google Play’s share of total revenue had increased to 37 percent, taking a large proportion of Apple App Store’s majority share, which stood at 63 percent in November 2013.

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 Number of available apps
Jul '08 800
Sep '08 3,000
Apr '09 35,000
Jul '09 65,000
Nov '09 100,000
Mar '10 150,000
Jun '10 225,000
Oct '10 300,000
Jan '11 350,000
Jun '11 425,000
Oct '11 500,000
Mar '12 585,000
Jun '12 650,000
Sep '12 700,000
Jan '13 800,000
May '13 850,000
Jun '13 900,000
Oct '13 1,000,000
Jun '14 1,200,000
Sep '14 1,300,000
Jan '15 1,400,000
Jun '15 1,500,000
Jun '16 2,000,000
Jan '17 2,200,000
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