Road and rail infrastructure in India

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Statista Dossier about the road and rail infrastructure in India

Table of contents

    • Value of construction to India's GDP 2016-2021

    • Construction GVA change in India FY 2015-2021

    • Source of infrastructure investments in India FY 2020, by sector and source type

    • Cost overrun share in infrastructure projects India FY 2010-2021

    • FDI inflow into railways sector in India FY 2012-2020

    • Budget allocation for roads and highways creation India FY 2017-2022

    • Value of toll collection on national highways in India FY 2017-2020

    • Estimated infrastructure investments in India FY 2020-2025, by sector

    • Export volume of vehicles India FY 2010-2021

    • Export value from tire industry in India FY 2012-2021

    • Value of automotive parts exports India FY 2009-2021

    • Value of railway transport equipment exported from India FY 2015-2020

    • Export value of railway transport and parts India FY 2016-2020

    • National highway length awarded and constructed in India FY 2015-2021

    • Leading states by length of national highways constructed India FY 2019

    • Rate of road length awarded and constructed India FY 2015-2020

    • Car sales volume in India FY 2021, by OEM

    • Sales volume of two-wheelers in India Sep 2019-Sep 2020, by state

    • Market share of bus sales in India Q1 FY 2022, by manufacturer

    • Heavy trucks production in India 2011-2020

    • Value of earnings from rail passenger traffic in India FY 2010-2020

    • Railway route length in India FY 2003-2020

    • Track renewals completed in India FY 2016-FY 2020

    • Indian railway passenger traffic FY 2010-2020

    • Volume of freight carried by Indian railways FY 2010-2020

    • Number of locomotives in railway fleet in India FY 2020, by type

    • Infrastructure investments in India 2011-2020, by company

    • Leading tire and rubber product companies in India 2020

    • Raymond Group auto component sales value FY 2015-2021

    • Maruti Suzuki net sales FY 2014-2021

    • Indian Railways revenue FY 2001-2022

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