Cloud computing in the United Kingdom - Statistics & Facts

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Company use of cloud-based services in the United Kingdom (UK) has seen an increase of 36 percent over a period of five years, with an adoption rate of 84 percent as of 2015. These services have a wide range of uses and can reap many benefits. Especially IT companies experience improvements in anything from infrastructure cost reduction to easing collaboration among different teams.

Not only private organizations are looking to invest in cloud computing. The UK government has also been spending a sizeable amount of money on its cloud infrastructure, with a total of 533.6 million British pounds in 2015. This sum is comprised of the spending of four broad service categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and specialist cloud services. This spending on cloud infrastructure of course results in more business for suppliers across the UK. To be exact, a total of 721 as of February 2016.
The small and medium business sector alone generated a total market value of 1.9 billion British pounds in 2014, and is expected to grow in the future. This is not too surprising when looking at self-reported strengths of companies across industry sectors and regions. A total of 65 percent responded that cloud services was their top strength in terms of technology infrastructure.
The majority of companies, regardless of size, use mainly one or two cloud-based services. However, there is a trend that suggests that the bigger companies are the more likely to use 5 or more cloud-based services. Most companies in the mid-market decide to host cloud services internally, whereas 23 percent chose the public cloud, and 27 percent chose the private cloud in 2015. It is easy to see why cloud-computing is being utilitzed by companies more often. The vast majority of companies have reported experiencing tangible and intangible benefits, with a total of 94 percent and 84 percent respectively.

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Cloud computing in the United Kingdom (UK) - Important statistics

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Cloud computing in the United Kingdom (UK)
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