Airports 4.0

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Statista dossier about the digital transformation of airports worldwide

Table of contents

    • Airport operations market size worldwide 2018-2021

    • Size of the ten largest airports worldwide in 2022

    • Coronavirus: quarterly revenue loss of airports by region 2020-2022

    • Spending on airports IT 2014-2021

    • Market size of security screening worldwide 2018-2027

    • Air passengers' confidence with regards to comfort/ convenience, by stage of journey

    • Confidence of air passengers' with regards to safety/ health precautions 2020-2021

    • Airport adoption of self-service options by processing steps 2015-2024

    • Airport adoption of mobile notification services by type 2017-2021

    • Effects of new technologies at the airport on confidence of travelers 2020

    • Measures to improve traveler confidence by airlines and travel industry 2020

    • Airlines: passenger check-in methods worldwide 2015-2021

    • Passenger airlines: technology use by processing steps 2017-2019

    • Use of self-service technologies at airports by processing phase 2019

    • Airline passengers' satisfaction rate by processing steps and type of passenger

    • Global airport baggage handling system market size 2020-2030

    • Causes of delayed bags in air travel 2020

    • Mishandled bags - cost to airline industry 2007-2020

    • Passenger notification channels at global airports for bag collection 2017-2019

    • Global market size: in-flight connectivity services 2014-2029

    • Effects of new technologies in boarding on traveler confidence 2020

    • Measures to improve traveler confidence at the boarding gate and while boarding 2020

    • Effects of new technologies in the cabin on traveler confidence 2020

    • Precautionary measures to gain confidence inflight post-coronavirus 2020-2021

    • Important factors to improve flying experience post-coronavirus 2020-2021

    • Leading investment priorities for airports worldwide 2024

    • Global airports: new technologies in the next five years by type 2021

    • ID management implementation at airports worldwide 2020-2024

    • Adoption of Business Intelligence initiatives at airports 2019-2022

    • Use of AI at airports 2022

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