Agriculture in India

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Statista Dossier about the agriculture industry in India

Table of contents

  • 1. Economic overview
    • Gross domestic product (GDP) in India 2026

    • Distribution of the workforce across economic sectors in India 2019

    • GVA growth in agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining sector in India FY 2013-2020

    • GVA growth rate in manufacturing India FY 2015-2021

    • GVA growth rate of service sector in India FY 2015-2020

  • 2. Agriculture - key figures
    • Total cultivated area in India FY 2005-2015

    • Amount of rainfall measured across India 2012-2019

    • Market value of agricultural products in India from 2012-2016

    • GVA from agriculture by sector in India FY 2012-2017

    • Market share of agricultural products in India 2016 by segment

  • 3. Trade
    • Leading agricultural and allied sector export value India FY 2021, by commodity

    • Fish and fishery product exports value from India FY 2020, by leading destination

    • Export value of rice from India FY 2011-2020

    • Export value of buffalo meat from India FY 2015-2020

    • Estimated export volume of spices in India FY 2020, by type

  • 4. Sector overview
    • Annual yield of rice India FY 1991-2020

    • Annual yield of wheat in India FY 2014-2020

    • Horticulture production share in India FY 2018

    • Livestock inventory in India 2019 by type

    • Growth rate of milk production India FY 2011-2019

    • Meat production volume in India FY 2019 by species

    • Number of fishing villages in India 2018 by state

    • Gross value added from forestry and logging in India FY 2012-2019

  • 5. Retail and consumption
    • Leading agriculture companies in India 2021 based on net sales

    • Leading aquaculture companies in India 2021 based on net sales

    • Consumption value of cereal consumption across India in 2016 by type

    • Consumption value of vegetables in India FY 2012-2016

    • Share of fruits in food consumption across India 2019 by meal

    • Sales volume of dairy foods in India 2012-2020

    • Sales volume of processed meat and seafood in India 2012-2020

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