Cycling in France

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Statista Dossier on cycling in France

Table of contents

  • 1. Bicycle use in France
    • Breakdown of cyclists in France, by age

    • Cycling frequency among cyclists in France 2019

    • Gender distribution of cyclists France 2019

    • Usage of bikes as means of transportation in France 2018, by frequency

    • Change in bicycle use in France 2019-2020, by city size

    • Change in bicycle use in France 2019-2020, by urban area

    • Share of residents owning a bicycle in the region Île-de-France 2018, by area

    • Ways in which bicycles are used in France 2018

    • Home to office journeys done by bike in France 2015, by distance

    • Home-to-office bicycle journeys in France, by department

    • Share of French people commuting by bicycle to work in France, by social group

    • Employed people going to work by bike in France in 2015, by city

    • French people owning an electric bicycle 2017, by age group

  • 2. Bicycle sales & retails
    • Market share of the different types of bicycles in France

    • Number of cycles and PDE sold in France, by vehicle

    • Bicycle sales value in France

    • Bicycle sales in France

    • Electrical bicycles sold in France 2005-2018

    • Average price of bicycles in France 2017, by type

    • Sales value of bicycles by distribution channel in France 2018

    • Volume share of bicycle sales by channel of distribution in France 2018

    • Distribution of value market share of electric bikes in France 2017, by sales channel

    • Sales volume of electric-assisted bikes in France 2019, by distribution channel

    • Share of bicycle accessories sales in France 2019, by distribution channel

  • 3. Public facilities for cycling
    • Share of French people in favor of facilitating bicycle circulation 2014-2018

    • Ranking of French cities per inhabitant 2017, according to the length of bike lanes

    • Opinion of French cyclists on the availability of parking spots for bikes France 2019

    • Opinion of French cyclists on the state of the cycling routes 2019

    • Major French cities most bike-friendly according to residents in 2019

    • Spendings per capita on cycling investment in France 2019, by administrative division

    • Local public authorities' spending on cycling in France 2018-2019

  • 4. Bike sharing services
    • Self-service bikes available in France 2017, by cities

    • French opinion on free-floating bikes and scooters 2018

    • Number of cities hosting bicycle-sharing system in France 2007-2018

    • Opinion of French people on the availability of rental bikes France 2019

    • Index of change in the number of weekly trips made by Vélib' service user France 2020

  • 5. Security on bicycle
    • Opinion of French cyclists on the feeling of security when cycling 2019

    • Bicycle fatalities in France 2010-2020

    • Number of cyclists killed in France 2019, by age group and road environment

    • Cyclists killed or wounded in France 2019, by type of collision

    • Number of bike thefts or attempted bike thefts in France 2006-2018

    • Number of bike thefts in France

    • Opinion of French cyclists on bicycles being stolen France 2019

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