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Due to war and turmoil, reliable and up-to-date figures about Afghanistan are hard to come by, especially in regards to demographic data. Although Afghanistan’s fertility rate is one of the highest worldwide as of 2016, it is worth noting that its infant mortality rate is also ranked first worldwide. All in all, life expectancy in Afghanistan is quite low with an average of about 60 years nowadays. Afghanistan’s age distribution is consequently showing the majority of the population being of younger age as well. In 2013, Afghanistan was listed on rank 169 of 187 states on the Human Development Index.

Afghanistan’s gross domestic product per capita has been increasing over the last few years, but was estimated to slump again, starting in 2015, before it was estimated to rise, starting 2017, and it is also still one of the lowest GDPs per capita worldwide. There are no reliable unemployment figures, but the inflation rate is expected to be recovering from a severe setback during 2015, presumably due to the consequences of years of war.

Afghanistan exported goods worth approximately 571 million U.S. dollars in 2015, and imported goods to the value of 7.72 billion U.S. dollars. Both figures were estimated to decrease again the following year. For years, Afghanistan has been reporting a significant trade balance deficit. One of its most important trade partners for export and import is Pakistan.

Since 2001, foreign troops are stationed in Afghanistan to fight the Islamist Taliban Regime ruling the country, and to help the Afghan government stabilize. The United States has sent the largest number of soldiers for this ISAF mission helmed by the NATO. The troops are now slowly being withdrawn from the country.

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Afghanistan - Important statistics

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