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Published by Conor Stewart, Jun 5, 2019
Kidneys are important to human health as they filter waste products out of the blood circulation. When a person’s kidneys are not operating properly, renal replacement therapy (RRT) is required and eventually a transplant will be needed. In 2016, it was estimated that there were over 27.1 thousand kidney transplants in Europe. While in the United Kingdom, approximately 63.2 thousand patients were receiving RRT as of 2016, representing a rate of around 962 patients per million population in the UK.

In England, there were almost 4.3 thousand individuals on the kidney transplant list as of March 2018. However, just over two thousand kidney transplants were carried out in England in 2017/18. The primary diagnosis in over 13 percent of kidney transplant recipients in the UK in 2016 was diabetes, as the inability for blood sugar to be controlled can damage the kidneys. In the UK, the survival rate is very high for a patient after receiving a kidney. Since 2004, individuals who received a kidney from a living donor had a 99 percent survival rate one year after the transplant.

There were approximately 9.2 thousand new cases of kidney cancer diagnosed in England in 2016, while in the same year 980 cases were diagnosed in Scotland. The mortality to incidence ratio for kidney cancer in England in 2016 was 0.36 for males and 0.37 for females. This means that 36 and 37 percent of men and women respectively who were diagnosed with kidney cancer died as a result of the disease. In Scotland the mortality rate from kidney cancer was higher among males compared to females. The mortality rate for men was 8.8 deaths per 100,000 population, whereas 5.6 women per 100,000 died from kidney cancer.

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Renal health in the United Kingdom (UK)

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