Leading multimedia websites in the United States in August 2016, based on market share of visits

This statistic displays the market share of the the leading internet video portals in the United States as of August 2016. In that month, Hulu's market share of U.S. video and multimedia site visits was two percent.

Multimedia content - additional information

Until a little more than a century ago, most entertainment used to come in rather straight-forward single-media formats, such as text in books and newspapers, audio on the radio, photographs and later silent videos and animations. Once sound and text was added to moving images, the multimedia format was born, something which 21st century technology took to a whole new level. Due to decrease in costs and an unprecedented global penetration of multimedia devices, the consumption of video content has now reached never-before-seen levels. As of 2014, worldwide consumers spent a weekly average of 13 hours watching TV at home and some 5.5 hours watching video content on their home desktop computer. The popularization of mobile devices in the past decade and the availability of mobile internet have also made it possible to enjoy multimedia content anytime anywhere. According to recent estimates, the level of global mobile video traffic will increase from 2.3 million terabytes per month in 2015 to 17.5 million terabytes in 2019. In the United States, although the TV set is still king, internet consumption of multimedia content is constantly increasing and the number of online video viewers is forecast to amount to some 204 million users in 2015 and to increase to almost 220 million in only three years. Furthermore, the number of Americans who use their mobile devices to watch videos was estimated at around 101 million in 2015. With a 73.6 share of the total market, YouTube is by far America’s most successful video platform on the internet, leaving behind popular services as Netflix, Hulu or Vimeo. According to a recent survey, 63 percent of Americans have ever used YouTube in the past to watch music videos or simply to listen to music and 41 percent of the population did so within the previous week.

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 Market share of visits
YouTube 77.1%
Netflix 8.2%
Hulu 2%
bing Videos 1%
Vimeo 0.9%
Daily Motion 0.8%
Crunchyroll.com 0.8%
Apple iPod & iTunes 0.6%
Gogoanime.tv 0.6%
Yahoo! Video 0.5%
Source information for logged in users only.
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