Investments and alternative finance in France

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Statista Dossier on Investments and alternative finance in France

This dossier has been compiled to provide selected statistical information on investments and other forms of corporate financing, including alternative finance platforms on the French financial market.

Table of contents

  • 1. Investment funds
    • Investment funds financial assets value in France 2020, by asset type

    • Financial assets of money market funds in France Q1 2015-Q2 2020

    • Investment fund assets as GDP ratio in France 2008-2019

    • Local investment fund's raising capital in France 2008-2019

    • Subscribers to innovation mutual fund and local investment fund in France 2008-2019

    • Local investment funds' preferred regions for investment in France 2019

  • 2. Private equity investments and divestments
    • Total investment of private equity companies in France 2007-2020

    • Value of investment in private equity companies in France 2020, by segment

    • Breakdown of investment in private equity companies in France 2019-2020, by segment

    • Geographic breakdown of investment in private equity companies in France 2019-2020

    • Total private equity divestments in France 2007-2019

    • Shares and equities in household financial assets in France 1996-2019

    • Collective investment undertaking performance for equity funds in France 2016-2019

  • 3. Ethical investments
    • Environmental and social investment criteria in France 2020

    • Socially responsible investments awareness in France 2020

    • French people and the information about socially responsible investments (SRI) 2020

    • Share of French savers who have invested in an SRI fund 2013-2020

    • SRI outstanding funds in France 2019, by type of investment funds

    • SRI outstanding investment funds in France 2019, by type of customers

    • Responsible investment assets under management in France 2019

    • Types of net assets of French SRI-labelled funds 2019, by fund type

    • Sustainability themed investments in France 2011-2017

    • Socially responsible funds (SRI) strategies in the French market 2013-2017

    • Socially responsible funds strategies: best-in-class in France 2011-2017

  • 4. Alternative finance
    • Alternative finance platforms in France 2018

    • Alternative finance market size in France 2014-2018

    • Funds raised through alternative finance in France 2015-2019

    • Funds collected via crowdfunding (alternative finance) in France 2011-2020

    • Funds raised through crowdfunding in France 2014-2019, by platform

    • Share of funds collected by crowdfunding in France 2019, by industry

    • Average investment or contribution to a crowdfunding campaigns in France 2014-2019

    • Number of crowdfunding projects funded by type in France 2019

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