Payments in Norway

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Statista Dossier on general payment preferences, including cash money and credit cards, in Norway

Table of contents

    • Share of cash, cards and mobile in retail (POS) payments in Norway 2007-2021

    • Online payment methods in Norway 2020

    • Leading payment methods for online shopping in the Nordic countries 2018, by country

    • Weekly user rate of P2P payment apps in the Nordics 2018

    • Mobile P2P payments in the Nordics 2017-2018, by frequency

    • Share of cash, mobile and online banking in P2P payments in Norway 2017-2021

    • Level of cash use in Norway 2008-2019

    • Number of cash withdrawals from ATMs in Norway 2009-2019

    • Value of cash withdrawals from ATMs in Norway 2009-2019

    • Value of cash in circulation as share of GDP in Norway 2009-2019

    • Cash in circulation as share of household consumption in Norway 2009-2019

    • Number of issued payment cards in Norway 2018-2020, by card type

    • Annual transaction volume of credit cards and debit cards in Norway 2010-2020

    • Debit card transaction volume in Norway 2001-2020

    • Contactless (NFC) cards issued in Norway 2017-2020

    • Use of cards for transactions on the internet in Norway 2008-2018

    • Frequency of using mobile payment apps in Norway 2019

    • Share of users of mobile payment apps in Norway 2019

    • Monthly Vipps app DAU in Norway 2019-2020

    • Monthly Vipps app downloads in Norway 2019-2020

    • Share of elderly who use Vipps on their smartphone in Norway 2018, by frequency

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