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Brexit in Scotland - Statistics & Facts

The result of the UK referendum on European Union membership meant that as of June 23rd 2016 the United Kingdom would take steps to ensure a political and bureaucratic departure from EU membership. Yet, pro-EU electors in Scotland outnumbered the pro-Brexit population by over 640 thousands votes. A majority of Scottish balloters wanted to remain, despite the collective result throughout the UK in favor of leaving.

Prompted by the result, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, announced that she intended to find a way for Scotland to remain an EU member. As a result, this brought in to question the prospect of a second referendum on Scottish independence, which in the days following the referendum showed promise.

The first polls published after the referendum showed that a significant majority of eurosceptics would still support a “Brexit” even if UK exiting the EU meant Scotland leaving the United Kingdom. Such results showed a significant polarization in the public attitudes between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Indeed, across the whole country a similar opinion took prominence, as many pro-Brexit supporters throughout the nation also backed Scotland leaving the UK. By this time there was a growing amount of citizens that perceived an increasing likelihood that Britain is leaving the European Union (EU), as 43 percent of British respondents stated that Scotland will leave the United Kingdom.

Despite being a “remain” stronghold throughout the lead-up to the referendum, and all 32 Scottish local authorities voted with a majority to remain, as of November 2016 a poll regarding Scottish support for a second EU referendum had shown that levels of remain support in Scotland has been dwindling, as a greater number of Scots would oppose having a second referendum on EU membership. This came at a time whereby there was a growing consensus across the UK to hasten the process of a "Brexit" rather than hinder, impede and complicate it further.

Currently the EU has a strong hold over Scotland's policy and legislation in areas such as the environment, in agricultural and fishing industry sectors. Scotland’s departure from the EU would have an uncertain effect on the economy and environment of Scotland and for the UK as a whole. Contrarily, in the event that Scotland left the UK this would pose immense problems concerning the location of tactical nuclear deterrents. The expenses of identifying suitable alternative locations would be substantial. Problems concerning North Sea oil would also undoubtedly arise.

While many people did indeed think it would be more likely that Scotland leaves the UK given the already gargantuan task of Brexit negotiations and the process of withdrawal, it seems that UK without Scotland wouldn't assist the process.

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