Volume in the Eyewear market Worldwide 2019-2029

Volume in the Eyewear market for different segments Worldwide from 2019 to 2029

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Supplementary notes

Data provided by Statista Market Insights are estimates.


The Eyewear market comprises a range of eyewear products designed for private end consumers. The market is diverse and encompasses various product categories, such as spectacle lenses, sunglasses, frames for spectacles, and contact lenses. Products such as protective eyewear and safety glasses, professional devices, glasses, lenses, magnifying glasses, as well as contact lens solutions are not included in the Eyewear market. Growth drivers in this market include a combination of changing consumer preferences, e.g., a stronger focus on health and wellness, technological innovations, and underlying macroeconomic factors.


The Eyewear market is divided into four main sections:

  • The Spectacle Lenses market includes glass and plastic lenses, corrective and non-corrective lenses, as well as progressive lenses.
  • The Sunglasses market includes sunglasses made of glass and/or plastic and sunglasses with corrective or non-corrective lenses.
  • The Eyewear Frames market covers plastic eyewear frames and non-plastic eyewear frames. Frame parts (e.g., screws, temples, and nose pads) as well as frames for protective eyewear and safety glasses are not included in this market.
  • The Contact Lenses market comprises all kinds of contact lenses that are worn to correct vision. This includes both rigid and soft lenses (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lenses).

Additional information:

The market comprises revenues, average revenue per capita, volume, average volume per capita, and price. Revenues are generated through both online and offline sales channels. Key players in the market include Varilux, Transitions, Crizal, Gucci, and Hoya. These companies are leaders in their respective segments and are known for their innovative products, brand reputation, and extensive distribution networks. For more information on the data displayed, use the info button right next to the boxes.

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