Never was the volume of international goods transport higher than during this decade. Today, the meaning of the "made in" label is more important than ever. For this reason, Statista has developed the Made-In-Country Index. This global survey allows for a reliable definition of standard value for brand strength in different countries and a transparent evaluation of the value of labels.

In cooperation with Dalia Research, we surveyed 43,034 consumers worldwide. The countries included in this sample represent 90 percent of the global population.


European Union92
United Kingdom91
10 USA81
11 Finland77
12 Norway77
13 Netherlands76
14 Australia75
15 New Zealand73
16 Denmark73
30 Argentina42
42 India36


Overall Ranking

  • The overall ranking based on the Made-In-Country Index
  • 49 countries plus European Union

Change in country image perception

  • Change in country image perception over the last 12 months
  • Top 10 plus the overall ranking

Perceived product attributes

  • Quality, security standards, value for money, uniqueness, design, advanced technology, authenticity, sustainability, fair production, status symbol
  • Top 10 plus the overall ranking for each product attribute

Country Profiles

  • Detailled profile on each country


  • 43,034 respondents from 52 countries
  • Each country was assessed by at least 2,500 people

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The global ranking of the Made-In-Country Index shows how positively products “Made in…” are perceived respectively.

The index is calculated using the average weighted share of positive assessments reached by each country.

An index score of 100 equals the first place in the ranking.


The Made-In Country Index is an index for the reputation of products from various countries all over the world. It was conducted in 2017 for 49 countries and the European Union. On behalf of Statista, Dalia Research surveyed 43,034 people from 52 countries on their perception of products from the various countries of origin. The data was collected between December 2016 and January 2017 in a global online survey.

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An Interview with the Study’s Author

The Made-In-Country Index marks the first time Statista has released a global study on the perception of country images. In this interview the study’s author answers all the main questions.

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You can download the press release for the UK here.

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