Telecommunications industry in Germany

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Statista dossier about the telecommunications industry in Germany

This dossier contains a range of selected facts and statistics about the telecommunications industry in Germany. In addition to important key figures on the telecommunications sector in Germany, it also features chapters with a specific focus on fixed-line networks, mobile communications and broadband internet.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Revenue of the telecommunications industry in Germany 1998-2019

    • Telecommunications market revenue in Germany 2009-2019, by segment

    • Revenue share of the telecommunications market in Germany 1998-2019

    • Employees in the telecommunications industry in Germany 2007-2020, by segment

    • Number of telecommunications services companies in Germany 2017, by revenue

    • Revenue of the leading telecommunications companies in Germany 2008-2018

    • Fixed assets investments of Deutsche Telekom and competitors in Germany 1998-2019

    • Monthly consumer price index for telecommunication services in Germany 2008-2018

    • Insolvencies of the telecommunication industry in Germany from Q1 2010-Q2 2018

  • 2. Fixed-line networks
    • Number of landline phone connections in Germany 2000-2019

    • Number of telephone connections in Germany 2000-2019, by access type

    • Telephone connections of alternative local exchange carriers in Germany 2002-2018

    • Market share of Telekom competitors in telephone connections in Germany 2003-2018

    • Landline telephony revenue of Deutsche Telekom and competitors in Germany 1998-2019

    • Revenue from landline services in Germany 1998-2019

    • Outgoing call minutes from landline networks in Germany 1998-2019

    • Number of fixed telephone lines worldwide 2000-2019

  • 3. Mobile communications
    • Number of mobile phone connections in Germany 1992-2019

    • Number of mobile phone connections in Germany Q1 2008 to Q4 2019, by provider

    • Mobile communications: revenue share of network providers in Germany 2019

    • Mobile communications data volume usage in Germany 2005-2019

    • Average monthly data volume per mobile internet user in Germany 2009-2019

    • Penetration rate of mobile phone connections in Germany 1990-2018

    • Number of mobile subscriptions worldwide 1993-2019

    • Number of smartphone users in Germany 2009-2018

  • 4. Broadband internet
    • Number of broadband connections in Germany 2001-2018, by connection type

    • Number of broadband internet customers in Germany Q1 2011-Q4 2018, by provider

    • Market share of the leading broadband internet providers in Germany Q1 2011-Q4 2018

    • Data volume via broadband in Germany 2001-2019

    • Average data volume per broadband connection in Germany 2001-2019

    • Share of households with broadband internet access in European countries 2018

    • Number of fixed broadband internet subscriptions worldwide 2005-2019

    • Number of UMTS and LTE users in Germany 2005-2018

    • Number of mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide 2007-2019

    • Availability of broadband internet (more than 50 Mbit/s) in Germany 2010-2018

    • Share of broadband connections in Germany 2017-2018, by downstream bandwidth

  • 5. Trends
    • Telephone connections via TV cable in Germany 2004-2019

    • Internet connections via cable TV networks in Germany 2001-2018

    • Households with TV reception via DSL in Germany 2005-2019

    • Sales volume of smartphones in Germany 2009-2020

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