Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Statista dossier on Artificial Intelligence worldwide

Table of contents

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size/revenue comparisons 2018-2030

    • AI market spending worldwide 2020, by segment

    • AI funding worldwide 2011-2021, by quarter

    • AI timeline: when will organizations & industries be transformed 2020

    • Global business and HR leaders on AI impact to job numbers in their organization 2020

    • Spending on automation and AI business operations worldwide 2016-2023, by segment

    • Global AI software platforms revenue 2017-2019

    • High performance computing (HPC) based AI revenue 2018-2025

    • Global artificial intelligence in the fashion market value 2018-2027

    • AI in agriculture market by farming type worldwide 2019 and 2024

    • AI corporate investment worldwide 2015-2021

    • AI corporate investment worldwide 2015-2020, by investment activity

    • Private investments in AI by geographical area 2020

    • Number of AI investments by investor as of April 2021

    • Global AI rate on return 2015-2019, by year of first deployment

    • Average change in AI investment in global companies due to COVID-19 2020, by industry

    • AI healthcare startup equity funding worldwide 2015-2020

    • AI software platforms market value worldwide 2017-2019, by vendor

    • AI server vendor market share worldwide H1 2020

    • Leading global AI unicorn startups 2021, based on maximum valuation

    • AI-powered company exits over one billion U.S. dollars as of 2020

    • Ranking of top-funded AI startup companies in the US 2016-2021

    • Top funded AI chip startup companies 2021

    • Top 10 startups for artificial intelligence in healthcare worldwide, August 2020

    • AI adoption in organizations worldwide 2020, by industry and function

    • Revenue increases from adopting AI in companies globally 2020, by function

    • Cost decreases from AI adoption in global companies 2020, by function

    • AI-related capabilities used in standard business processes worldwide 2020

    • Use case frequency of machine learning and artificial intelligence 2020-2021

    • Global AI use cases for pharma and healthcare 2020

    • Global AI use cases for consumer goods and retail 2020

    • Global AI use cases for manufacturing industry 2020

    • Global AI use cases for financial services 2020

    • Global AI usage for IT and telecommunications 2020

    • Total number of AI jobs posted worldwide in countries with highest GDP 2015 and 2019

    • AI job postings out of all job postings by country 2020

    • AI-related hiring index worldwide 2016-2020, by country

    • AI job postings of all job postings in U.S. 2020, by vertical

    • AI job postings out of all job postings in US 2020, by skill cluster

    • AI patent publication distribution worldwide 2020, by region

    • Companies with the most machine learning & AI patents worldwide 2012-2021

    • AI-related journal publications worldwide 2020, by region

    • AI-related conference publications worldwide 2020, by region

    • Global AI-enabled climate action benefits achieved and expected as of 2019

    • Global emission reduction from using AI use cases for the next 3-5 years as of 2019

    • Potential EEI reduction from AI-enabled use cases worldwide 2030, by sector

    • Implementation stage of climate AI use cases worldwide 2020

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