Health care in Turkey

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Statista dossier on healthcare services and the state of health in Turkey

Table of contents

  • 1. Global comparison
    • Per capita health expenditure in selected countries 2019

    • Yearly growth in per capita health spending in selected countries 2013-2018

    • Health expenditure as a percentage of GDP in select countries 2019

    • Life expectancy in selected countries 2017

    • Quality rating of accessible healthcare in selected European countries 2018

    • Trust in the quality of healthcare treatments in selected European countries 2018

  • 2. Healthcare service overview
    • Total health expenditure as share of GDP in Turkey 2000-2019

    • Number of hospitals in Turkey 2006-2018

    • Number of beds in public and private hospitals in Turkey 2000-2018

    • Number of healthcare physicians in Turkey 2009-2018

    • Number of individuals per selected healthcare personnel in Turkey 2009-2017

    • Health and social care employees in Turkey 2009-2020

    • General practitioners employees in Turkey 2000-2019

  • 3. General health
    • Main health problems suffered by individuals in Turkey 2019, by gender

    • Main health problems of children up to the age of six in Turkey in 2019

    • Main health problems of children aged 7-14 in Turkey 2019

    • Body mass index (BMI) of individuals in Turkey in 2019, by gender

    • Number of deaths in Turkey 2018, by selected cause and gender

    • Number of drug overdose deaths in Turkey 2006-2018

    • Computed tomography (CT) scan examinations in Turkey 2008-2017

    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan examinations in Turkey 2008-2016

    • Share of daily smokers in Turkey 2019, by age and gender

    • Organ transplantation activity per million population in Turkey 2017-2019

  • 4. Interaction with health service
    • Opinions about most recent patient experience in Turkey in 2018

    • Perceptions of personal health in Turkey in 2018

    • Individuals consulting with primary care physician in Turkey 2018, by frequency

    • Women consulting with obstetricians/gynecologists in Turkey 2018, by frequency

  • 5. Digital health
    • Attitudes towards usage of telemedicine in Turkey 2018

    • Usage of connected health devices in Turkey 2018

    • Usage of health apps & smart health devices in Turkey 2017

    • Sources of healthcare information for individuals in Turkey as of 2018

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