Statista TrendCompass 2020

230+ pages about the most relevant technological and economic global trends 2020


What is included?

This report is the first of two parts, examining how technological and economic drivers change customer behavior and challenge businesses. Trends examined in more detail include Human Enhancement, the Nomad Workforce, the Rurban Revolution, and the Avatar Employee.

We analyze each trend in terms of global economic potential in 2025 and assess it in terms of customer maturity. Overall, we expect a global economic potential, based on all 12 trends identified, of up to 2,700 billion U.S. dollars in 2025 - equivalent to 2.7 percent of global GDP in 2025.

All our 12 trends are also presented in the context of inspiring innovation snapshots from different industries and markets, accompanied by the most relevant and up-to-date data.

Trends covered by this trend report:

  • Age of Assistance
  • Contextual Tailoring
  • Human Enhancement
  • Green Tech
  • Immersive Content
  • Empathy Tech
  • Nomad Workforce
  • Beta Enterprises
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Rurban Revolution
  • Smart Factory
  • Avatar Employee

  • Language: English
  • Released: December 2019
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