Alcoholic beverages market in Europe - Statistics and Facts

The alcoholic beverages market in Europe is one of the largest in the world. Western Europe represented a market value of approximately 326 billion euros in 2015. According to a recent Euromonitor forecast, in 2017 this figure is expected to increase to roughly 341 billion euros. The value of the Eastern European market amounted to approximately 80.7 billion euros in 2015; this is expected to rise to nearly 87.5 billion in 2017.

The largest market in Europe for alcoholic beverages is Germany. In 2015, the sales value of alcoholic drinks in Germany amounted to approximately 18.7 billion euros, roughly six billion more than France, the second-largest market with a sales value of nearly 12.6 billion euros. The United Kingdom and Italy are the third and fourth-largest markets in Europe, with sales values of 5.7 and 4.9 billion euros respectively.

The most popular alcoholic drink in Western Europe is beer, with a market share of roughly 40 percent of all alcohol sold. Wine and cider had a market share of 32.2 and 22.7 percent respectively. In 2015, the combined sales value of beer in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands was over 19.2 billion euros, roughly four billion more than wine and eight billion more than other spirits.

Europe’s heaviest drinkers can be found in Moldova, which had the highest pure alcohol consumption per capita, with 17.4 liters consumed on average in 2015. Belarus and Lithuania followed, with 17.1 and 16.2 liters respectively. On the other hand, alcohol consumption was relatively low in Turkey (2.4 liters on average), Macedonia (5.7 liters) and Italy (6.1 liters).

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