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Published by Tugba Sabanoglu, May 20, 2019
The men's grooming and cosmetics market is a large industry that consists of many sub-categories. Men are not only interested in their beards and hairstyles, many are now more accepting of fragrances, skin and body care products. As evidenced from figures from the United Kingdom, the market value for men's grooming has increased by nearly 100 million British pounds from 2015 to 2017. There are many growing markets within this industry.

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One example is the male premium fragrance market, which in recent years has shown signs of growth, albeit only slightly. Retail sales in 2014 reached 400 million British pounds in the UK markets alone. When looking at a different market such as Russia, the two key players focusing on aftershave and fragrances are Gillette and Nivea.

The men's prestige skincare market is also showing signs of growth, with an increase year over year of one million British pounds. One of the most popular products for men to purchase is gel skin care, with 23 percent of men buying this product. The leading brand within the male skincare industry in the UK is Nivea for Men, with Gillette in close competition. However, it is not the leading company in terms of expansion and growth, with a relatively unknown product called Bulldog leading the way in the UK markets.

When looking at the UK male face care product market, it is clear that there has been growth since 2010, showing that men are more interested in these types of products now. However, there was a large decrease in 2013, when the market value amounted to 60 million British pounds. This then increased again to 74 million British pounds in 2016.

Adidas skin care is a popular choice for men who live in Germany, which may be due to Adidas being a German product. In 2014 they held a 7.8 percent share of the market and were closely followed by L’Oreal Men Expert, another large international product.

In Sweden a trending topic that is of interest to consumers is the use of organic skin and hair care products. In 2015 Swedish men stated that they bought organic-based cosmetics products, with 26 percent stating they had bought this type of product in the last six months.

What is the main reason for this general increase in the men's cosmetics market? Well, according to a survey of male consumers in Italy it has to do with wanting to 'feel good about myself', with 66 percent of respondents stating this as their main reason.

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