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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed hot beverages worldwide, especially in Italy. Prepared from roasted coffee beans, the beverage comes in many different varieties. While Italy is not a coffee growing country, different types of coffee are commonly served. In 2015, the number of out-of-home cups of coffee served peaked at 4.78 billion. This trend is supported by the existence of coffee bars, which are a usual place to buy a cup of coffee in Italy.

Regardless of the method used to prepare coffee, coffee consumption is widespread among individuals of every gender and age. In fact, people associate coffee consumption with various values, from a kick-start to the day to a relaxing moment. Per capita consumption of roasted coffee is expected to reach 5.26 kilograms by 2021.

Despite the importance of the espresso coffee machine industry, with the Italian company Bialetti being the market leader, the annual production of coffee pods and capsules has been on the rise since 2003, confirming a growing preference for faster ways to prepare coffee.

Finally, a major trend concerning the Italian coffee industry is the use of green coffee. Mainly imported from Brazil, green coffee consists of raw, unroasted coffee beans, which some research indicates is a supplement for weight loss. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated green coffee beans are blamed for health risks and side effects such as headaches, anxiety and high blood pressure.

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