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Cider, perry, and rice wine market volume in the UK 2012-2025

Volume of cider, perry and rice wine market in the United Kingdom from 2012 to 2025

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Supplementary notes

*Data provided by Statista Market Outlook are estimates
The Alcoholic Drinks market segment Cider, Perry & Rice Wine includes fermented alcoholic beverages that are not part of the Beer and Wine segments and is constituted by fruit wines like cider and perry and rice wines like Sake and Soju which are particularly important in Japan and Korea. Also included are palm wines and similar beverages that are very popular in many emerging and developing nations due to their affordability and easy production. As varied as the category presents itself in terms of its composition it also shows different trends in different regions. While in the UK and France, Cider and Perry are very mature markets that can serve as cheaper substitutes to beer, in other countries like the U.S. and Germany it is still and emerging category. The price per unit always references liters as a base unit. One liter of this category roughly equals 2 to 3 glasses of cider, perry or palm wine (of 0.5 or 0.33 liters each) or 5 typical glasses of rice wine (of 0.2 liters each).
The market for Alcoholic Drinks is structured into retail sales for at home consumption and on-premise or foodservice sales for out-of-home consumption. The at-home market, also called off-trade market, covers all retail sales via super- and hypermarkets, convenience stores or similar sales channels. The out-of-home market, also called on-trade market, away-from-home market or HORECA encompasses all sales to hotels, restaurants, catering, cafés, bars and similar hospitality service establishments. Both the at-home and the out-of-home market are valued at retail selling prices including all sales and consumption taxes. The valuation of the out-of-home segment at retail prices means a significant change of the market definition in comparison to earlier iterations of the Consumer Market Outlook, as out-of-home consumption was valued at wholesale prices before. This means, market totals are not comparable to published data from prior years. the sales channel box.

All figures are estimate. A detailed methodology can be found in the Statista Mobility Market Outlook.

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Statistics on "Cider market in the United Kingdom (UK)"

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