eSports revenue worldwide 2019-2028, by segment

Revenue of the eSports market worldwide from 2019 to 2028, by segment

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Esports, short for electronic sports, refers to competitive video gaming where professional players or teams compete in various multiplayer video games. These competitions are often organized into leagues, tournaments, and events, attracting both online and offline audiences. Esports has grown into a global industry, with players, sponsors, and spectators contributing to its popularity and economic significance.


The Esports market can be divided into 6 different parts. First, Sponsorship & Advertising, which refers to revenues made from sponsorship deals and advertising for events and tournaments. Merchandise & Ticketing refers to the revenues generated mainly from tournament tickets and the merchandise that comes with it. Additionally, Streaming, Media Rights and Publisher Fees, which all refers to the revenue that is associated with broadcasting Esports events accross various channels. Lastly, Esports Betting includes the betting on outcomes of Esport events.

Additional information:

The market comprises revenues, ad spendings, users, average revenue per user, and penetration rates. Revenues are generated through advertising spending and consumer spending. Sales channel data shows both online and offline revenues. Information on Esports betting can also be found in the Digital Market Insights. All monetary figures refer to the annual gross revenue.
Key players of the market include companies or teams such as FaZe, Cloud9 or TSM.
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