Mobile subscriber average revenue per user (ARPU) by country in 2015 (in U.S. dollars)

The statistic depicts the average monthly revenue per mobile user (ARPU) by country in 2015. The mobile ARPU in Canada was at 46.58 U.S. dollars in the first quarter of 2015.

Mobile subscriber ARPU – additional information

ARPU, a commonly used measurement in the telecommunication industry, is the average revenue generated by each consumer. In this case, it is the amount of money, on average, that a company brings in for each of its mobile wireless subscribers. The ARPU figure can be used to compare telecom service providers within a market or for example the cost of mobile services in countries. As shown in the statistic above, Canada and the United States have the highest ARPU in the world. In both countries, each wireless subscriber generates average revenue of around 46 U.S. dollars. Switzerland, Japan, Singapore and Norway are also amongst the countries with high average revenue per mobile user.

Since 2006, the monthly mobile services ARPU in the U.S. has ranged between 46 and 49 U.S. dollars. Top wireless carriers in the U.S. include Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Sprint and AT&T. As of the third quarter of 2015, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular have an ARPU above the country's average, 50.74 U.S. dollars and 55.42 U.S. dollars respectively. Bell Canada, Rogers Communication and Telus Corporation are three of the biggest and most trusted telecom companies in Canada. These three companies have an ARPU in line with the nation's average presented in the graph above.

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 ARPU in U.S. dollars
Canada 48.54
United States 42.92
Switzerland 38.26
Norway 36.53
Australia 31.76
Singapore 30.7
Japan 28.32
Netherlands 25.94
United Kingdom 25.67
Hong Kong 22.46
France 22.11
Sweden 21.15
New Zealand 20.73
Belgium 20.33
Spain 18.82
Denmark 18.41
Israel 18.28
Finland 17.99
Austria 16.88
Germany 14.82
Italy 14.25
Portugal 10.93
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