Champagne in France

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Statista Dossier on the Champagne sector in France

Table of contents

    • CPI of wines, ciders, sparkling wine in France January 2020-2021

    • Changes in sales volume of spirits & champagnes in France 2021-2022, by category

    • Sales volume of alcoholic beverages in France 2021-2022, by type of product

    • Sales value of alcoholic beverages in France 2021-2022, by type of product

    • Leading sparkling wine brands in France 2020, by number of users

    • Breakdown of the volume of sparkling wines sold in France 2019, by type of wine

    • Champagne retail sales on regional sparkling wine markets in France 2018-2019

    • Leading export markets of champagne from France 2020, in volume

    • Leading export markets of Champagne from France 2020, in value

    • Value of the champagne exports from France 2003-2020

    • Volume of Champagne exported from France 2009-2020

    • United Kingdom: Leading champagne export destinations, ranked by value 2021

    • Winemakers working in the Champagne industry in France 2015-2019

    • Price of PDO Champagne vineyards per hectare in France from1991 to 2019

    • Surface area devoted to Champagne production in France 1950-2019

    • Land dedicated to champagne production in France 2019, by department

    • Percentage of the champagne production area in France 2019, by variety

    • Reserve volume of grapes usable for Champagne production in France 2016-2019

    • Bottle equivalent of the grape reserve for Champagne production France 2016-2019

    • Average retail sales price of champagne bottles in France 2012-2019

    • Distribution of Champagne sales in volume in France 2019, by sales channel

    • Sales volume of the most popular champagne brands in France 2020

    • Retail sales value of champagne in France 2009-2019, by brand type

    • Retail sales volume of champagne in France 2009-2019, by type of brand

    • Value of sales of champagne earned by large retailers France 2019

    • Number of bottles of champagne sold by large retailers in France 2019, by brand type

    • Annual alcohol consumption per capita in France 1960-2018, by kind of beverage

    • Alcoholic beverages favored among French people in 2020

    • Preferred types of sparkling wines among French people 2019

    • Budget for a bottle of champagne in France 2019

    • Most searched champagne brands on Google in France 2020

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