The 100 largest companies in the world ranked by revenue in 2015 (in billion U.S. dollars)

This statistic shows the 100 largest companies worldwide, ranked by their revenue in fiscal year 2015. Wal-Mart Stores topped the ranking with about 486 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Wal-Mart was also the largest company in the world based on its number of employees – some 2.2 million all over the world

Largest corporations based on revenue - additional information

The concept of revenue itself, sometimes also called turnover, might slightly differ depending on country or even from one company to another. It usually refers to the income resulted from normal business activities, such as the sale of goods and services to customers.

As of 2015, the richest companies in the world, in terms of money earned during the previous fiscal year from sales and services, were Wal-Mart stores, Sinopec and Royal Dutch Shell in this order. Royal Dutch, which is a result of the merger between the Royal Dutch Petroleum company and the UK-based Shell Transport & Trading, is a multinational corporation operating in every segment of the oil and gas industry and it was first founded in 1907. In 2014, the company generated a net income of around 14.7 billion U.S. dollars, down from over 31 billion in 2011, and held total assets worth over 353 billion U.S. dollars. The American-based multinational corporation Walmart was founded in 1962 and currently operates over 11 thousand stores worldwide, out of which five thousand in the United States alone. The company’s operating income amounted to about 27 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. The same year, Walmart was also ranked third most valuable retail brand in the world, with a brand value of about 35 billion U.S. dollars.

Sinopec Limited, also known as China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is an oil and gas company founded in 2000 in Beijing, China. In 2014, Sinopec generated revenues of 468 billion U.S. dollars and was one of China’s most valuable brands.

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 Revenue in billion U.S. dollars
Wal-Mart Stores -
Sinopec -
Royal Dutch Shell -
PetroChina -
Exxon Mobil -
BP -
Toyota Motor -
Volkswagen -
Glencore -
Total -
Chevron -
Samsung Electronics -
Apple -
Phillips 66 -
Daimler -
General Motors -
General Electric -
Ford Motor -
Petrobras -
CVS Caremark -
McKesson -
E On -
Hon Hai Precision Industry -
Eni -
AT&T -
Valero Energy -
UnitedHealth Group -
China State Construction Engineering -
Verizon Communications -
Amerisourcebergen -
Honda Motor -
Costco Wholesale -
Hewlett-Packard -
Kroger -
Tesco -
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone -
China Mobile -
Nissan Motor -
Saic Motor -
Express Scripts -
Marathon Petroleum -
Gazprom -
China Railway Group -
Hitachi -
China Railway Construction -
Rosneft -
Nestle -
Cardinal Health -
Siemens -
Boeing -
GDF Suez -
Basf - -
Enel -
Microsoft -
Home Depot -
Procter & Gamble -
Hyundai Motor -
Lukoil -
Archer Daniels Midland -
Statoil -
Walgreen -
Deutsche Telekom -
Sony -
Panasonic -
Johnson & Johnson -
Mitsubishi -
Wellpoint -
Airbus -
Target -
Reliance Industries -
BHP Billiton -
Comcast -
Deutsche Post -
PepsiCo -
Google -
United Technologies -
Softbank -
Vodafone Group -
Telefonica -
China Communications Construction -
Unilever -
United Parcel Service -
Dow Chemical -
Aetna -
Woolworths -
Repsol -
Wesfarmers -
Lowe's Companies -
Intel -
Seven & I Holding -
Caterpillar -
Korea Electric Power -
ConocoPhillips -
Citic -
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