Average daily TV viewing time per person in selected countries worldwide in 2014 (in minutes)

This statistic contains data on the average amount of time people in different countries spend watching TV. In 2014, Americans watched 282 minutes of TV per day while people from Sweden only watched 153 minutes per day.

TV consumption - additional information

As of 2015, an estimated 1.55 billion households around the world owned at least one TV set , while the surge of the internet has further extended the penetration rates and daily consumption of video content around the world. According to a 2015 report on average daily TV viewing in countries around the world, users in the United States lead the world in daily TV watching time, with some 282 minutes, the equivalent of more than four and a half hours. Another report shows that Americans predominantly spend their time watching cable television, with an average of 205 minutes of cable TV content forecast to be watched in 2018.

Daily time spent watching broadcast television, on the other hand, is constantly decreasing, from 106 minutes in 2008, to an estimated 83 in 2018. American consumers also generally favor live TV rather than time-shifted TV, although live TV watching has decreased over the last three years from 290 minutes per person, per day to 272 minutes per person, per day.

Despite the fact that Americans spend an increasing amount of time watching video content on the internet, using a DVD or timeshifted TV, traditional television is still, by far, the favorite medium of U.S. consumers. As of the second quarter of 2014, an average of 1850 minutes per week were spent by Americans watching traditional TV. All in all, some 282 million Americans were watching TV as of 2014.

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 Time in minutes
United States 282
Japan 264
Italy 262
Poland 260
Russia 239
The Netherlands 239
Spain 239
Brazil 224
France 221
Germany 221
United Kingdom 220
Australia 204
South Korea 196
China 157
Sweden 153
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