Millennials in France

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Statista dossier on Millennials in France

Table of contents

  • 1. Demographics
    • Distribution of the population by age group in France in 2021

    • Forecast of the distribution of the French population 2025-2070, by age group

    • Number of Millennials within the French population in 2021, by age group

    • Composition of the millennial population in France 2021, by age and gender

    • Share of young French people 2019, by employment/education situation

  • 2. Work and education
    • Number of students enrolled in higher education in France 1980-2021

    • Number of students enrolled at university in France 1980-2020

    • Young French people according to their intention to study or work abroad 2020

    • Confidence level of French young adults about their professional future 2021

    • Unemployment rate of young graduates from one to four years per degree in France 2020

    • Youth unemployment rate in France 2006-2020, by gender

  • 3. Personality and behavior
    • Millennials opinion on their own generation in France 2019

    • Areas of life in which French Millennials feel freer than the generations before 2019

    • View on personal future in France 2021

    • Share of French aged 18 to 24 years old who are smokers 2019

    • Share of young people using social media in France 2020, by age

    • Share of people aged 15-24 years old having a regular sexual partner in France 2021

    • Masturbation among young people in France 2021, by gender

  • 4. Consumption
    • Alcohol consumption among young adults in France 2021

    • Shopping channels used by young French people to buy their favorite products 2019

    • Average budget dedicated by Millennials to video games in France 2019

    • Ranking of the most popular fashion brands among young French people 2019

    • Average amount spent by French students on clothing and underwear 2020, by gender

    • Average amount spent by French students on hygiene and health care 2020, by gender

    • French millennials' favorite gardening stores based on amount spent 2018-2019

  • 5. Politics
    • France: Macron and Castex's popularity among18-34 year olds 2021, by age

    • Share of French young adults registered to vote 2015-2019

    • Ways young people get information about regional elections in France 2021

    • Awareness of the date of the regional election among young people in France 2021

    • Knowledge about the European Union among young people in France 2019

    • Millennials voting preferences in the European elections in France 2019

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