Plant-based food market in Australia

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Statista Dossier on the Australian plant-based food market

Table of contents

    • Global meat substitutes market revenue 2016-2026

    • Worldwide milk market substitute revenue 2013-2026

    • Growth rate of meat substitutes worldwide in 2020, by region

    • Meat substitute revenue worldwide 2022, by country

    • Global plant-based meat market share by region 2020

    • Milk substitute revenue worldwide 2022, by country

    • Retail sales value of milk and milk alternatives worldwide in 2020, by region

    • Australian meat substitute market revenue 2013-2026

    • Australian meat substitute price per unit 2013-2026

    • Value added by the plant-based meat industry in Australia FY 2019-2020

    • Plant-based meat industry growth in Australia FY 2019-2020, by economic contribution

    • Economic contribution estimate by plant-based meat sector in Australia 2020, by state

    • Price difference between plant-based and conventional meat products in Australia 2020

    • Milk substitute market revenue in Australia 2013-2026

    • Price per unit of milk substitute in Australian 2013-2026

    • Average consumption of milk substitutes in Australia 2013-2026

    • Daily share of milk and milk alternative intake per capita in Australia FY 2020

    • Market share of alternative milks in Australia FY 2015 to 2020, by product type

    • Share of plant-based milks sweetened or fortified Australia 2020, by category

    • Motivation behind trying plant-based meat alternatives in Australia in 2020

    • Consumption of meat Australia 2013-2021, by type

    • Average daily serves of meat per capita in Australia FY 2021, by food subgroup

    • Diets and nutrition in Australia 2022

    • Breakdown of people avoiding or reducing meat consumption in Australia 2019

    • Projected economic value added by plant based meat sector in Australia FY 2019-2030

    • Consumer expenditure forecast in plant based meat sector in Australia FY 2019-2030

    • Value forecast of plant-based meat sector exports from Australia FY 2030, by scenario

    • Production volume of soybeans Australia 2012-2031

    • Consumption of beef and veal Australia 2015-2031

    • Consumption of poultry Australia 2015-2031

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