Number of registered LINE app users in selected countries as of October 2014 (in millions)

This statistic gives information on the number of registered users of the chat-app LINE in selected countries as of October 2014. During that month, the Japanese chat app had 33 million users in Indonesia.

International chat app

Originally developed in Japan in the wake of the Tōhoku earthquake in March 2011, LINE app was created as an online messaging alternative that did not have to rely on Japan’s then-damaged telecommunications structure. The app was released to the public in 2011 and reached 100 million users only 18 months after its initial release.
Apart from over-the-top messaging, LINE also offers free voice calls similar to Skype and thus provides an attractive alternative to paid mobile operating services. Furthermore, the app has also integrated social features such as timelines where users can post status messages to contacts. Aside from social networking features, LINE has also released a camera app and a gaming platform, LINE game. The in-app store of LINE enables users to purchase stickers that can be used similarly to emoji in chat discussions or to decorate photographs. LINE’s unique features are particularly popular in its home market Japan and other Asian countries. The company’s aggressive local marketing strategies, such as television commercials in Indonesia or flash sales in Thailand, ensure its continuous dominance of the Asian market.

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 Total registered users in millions
Japan 54
Thailand 33
Indonesia 30
Spain 18
India 18
Taiwan 17
Mexico 15
Korea 14
Columbia 11
Malaysia 10
United States 10
Source information for logged in users only.
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