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After the 1990s, a period characterized by the widespread activity of criminal organizations, the level of crime in Russia significantly declined in the early 2000s, which explained a continuous decrease in the homicide rate in the country since the start of the millenium. In 2018, the number of recorded murder offenses and attempted murders decreased by approximately 73 percent compared to 2000. Another indicator of the improvement of the crime situation was a steady fall in the incarceration rate, which went down by nearly 200 prison population per 100,000 people over the past decade.

In today's Russia, homicides, crimes causing intentional serious harm to health, and rape combined together account for under two percent of total registered offenses. Civil society groups in the country pay special attention to the problem of gender-based violence, as domestic abuse and sexual harassment are being named among the main issues faced by women and girls in Russia. Crime against juveniles is another area of concern, with nearly five thousand criminal acts of a sexual nature against children under 16 years old recorded in 2018.

Economic crimes like theft and fraud are considered the most common categories. Modern types of offenses are committed through unauthorized bank card transactions via the internet and mobile network devices. Furthermore, corruption represents one of the major problems in the country, with over half of the population worried about it in 2019. However, since 2015, the number of registered bribery cases decreased nearly twofold. This might be explained by the anti-corruption program run by the state, as the government publishes a national anti-corruption plan every two years since 2008.

The criminal justice system of the country is financed by the federal budget as part of the national defense sector. Expenditure increased by more than four times between 2006 and 2018, with over 2.8 billion Russian rubles allocated in 2018. At the same time, the number of police staff declined over recent years, especially among male personnel. In 2018, the level of trust in police authorities in the country decreased by 10 percent compared to the previous year. When mass protests took place in Moscow in July 2019, which were followed by arrests, nearly a quarter of the population was against the legal use of harsh measures by law enforcement.

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