Sales of the leading olive oil brands of the United States in 2015 (in million U.S. dollars)

This graph shows the sales of the leading 10 olive oil brands of the United States in 2015. In that year, Bertolli was the second ranked olive oil brand of the United States with about 166.2 million U.S. dollars worth of sales.

Olive oil

As far as oils go, olive oil is widely considered to be very healthy. Studies claim olive oil promotes heart health, provides high amounts of cancer- and wrinkle-fighting antioxidants, and is a good source of healthy fat. This may be one reason why olive oil consumption in the U.S. has gone up in recent years. Olive oil has a relatively low smoke point and is best suited for being eaten in cold, for example with salad or bread.

Extra-virgin grade olive oil is the best quality of olive oil, above virgin olive oil and regular olive oil. The oil is extracted from the olive using a mechanical cold- press process. The resulting oil has a taste and odor superior to other grades of oil, as well as greater health benefits. Many olive oils sold as “extra virgin” are actually falsely labeled in an attempt to capitalize on this oil’s appeal. Standards exist within the olive oil industry, but they are largely unenforced and ignored.

Bertolli is one of leading name brand producers of olive oil and Italian-style food products in the United States. The company traces its origins back to a small store in Lucca, Italy opened in 1865 by Francesco Bertolli. Today the brand is owned by Unilever.

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 Sales in million U.S. dollars
Private label 319.6
Bertolli 166.2
Filippo Berio 137.4
Pompeian 104.9
Colavita 36.8
Star 31
California Olive Ranch 29.2
Botticelli 23.9
Bertolli Classico 15.5
Olivari 13.8
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