Global smartphone shipments by BlackBerry (RIM) from 2007 to 2013 (in million units)

This statistic shows the number of smartphone shipments made by RIM from the first quarter of 2007 to the most recent financial quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2007, RIM shipped around 4 million BlackBerry smartphones worldwide. In 2012, RIM achieved revenue of 18,435 million U.S. dollars.

Additional information on Blackberry

In the past, Blackberry was one of the most popular names within the smartphone market. Today however, Blackberry phones have been overtaken predominantly by Apple, with the iPhone and also by Samsung and Android. As of the start of 2013, Blackberry’s share of the global smartphone market had dropped to less than 3 percent, following a consistent steady decline. Back in the first quarter of 2011, Blackberry’s share of the global smartphone market was at 13.6 percent. As can be seen above, Blackberry’s phone shipments have also declined relatively quickly around the world since the end of 2010 and the company’s revenue and net profit figures have also shown a comparable decline.

In an attempt to try and improve promotion and sales, the company made the announcement in early 2013, that they would re-brand the company to be called Blackberry instead of Research in Motion (RIM) as before. At this time the company also released a new and improved operating system, Blackberry 10. More recently the Canadian company also announced that they would be prepared to sell the company or to join a joint venture with another company in order to help turn things around. There have been rumors lately that Microsoft may be interested.

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 Shipments in million units
Q1 '07 2.08
Q2 '07 2.47
Q3 '07 3.19
Q4 '07 4.02
Q1 '08 4.31
Q2 '08 5.59
Q3 '08 5.8
Q4 '08 7.44
Q1 '09 7.3
Q2 '09 8
Q3 '09 8.5
Q4 '09 10.7
Q1 '10 10.6
Q2 '10 11.2
Q3 '10 12.4
Q4 '10 14.6
Q1 '11 13.8
Q2 '11 12.5
Q3 '11 11.8
Q4 '11 13
Q1 '12 9.7
Q2 '12 7.7
Q3 '12 7.7
Q4 '12 7.4
Q1 '13 6.3
Q2 '13 6.8
Q3' 13 4.5
Q4' 13 1.7
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