Film industry in Europe

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Statista Dossier on the film industry in Europe

Table of contents

    • Global box office revenue 2004-2021, by region

    • Global box office revenue distribution 2019, by region

    • Leading box office markets worldwide 2021, by revenue

    • Leading film markets worldwide 2021, by number of tickets sold

    • Feature film production in Europe 2010-2019

    • Feature film production in the European Union 2015-2019, by film type

    • Releases of non-national European films worldwide 2015-2019

    • Admissions to European film exports 2019, by country of origin

    • Leading countries in the European film industry 2019, by number of feature films

    • Audiovisual fiction production in the EU 2015-2019

    • Market share of films distributed in the EU 2019, by country of origin

    • Cinema screens in European countries 2020

    • Number of cinemas in the United Kingdom (UK) 2004-2020

    • Number of cinemas in Denmark 2009-2020

    • Number of cinemas in Norway 2010-2020

    • Cinemas in Germany 2002-2021

    • Total number of cinemas in the Netherlands 2019-2020

    • Number of cinemas in France 2010-2020

    • Cinema theaters in Spain 2009-2021

    • Number of cinema sites in Russia in 2019, by region

    • Number of cinemas in Poland 2015-2021

    • Gross box office revenue in Europe 2009-2019

    • Box office revenue in the EU 2015-2021

    • Box office revenue in countries in Europe 2013-2021

    • Change in box office revenue in selected European countries 2021

    • Domestic films' market share in European countries 2021, based on tickets sold

    • Cinema admissions in Europe 2011-2020

    • Cinema admissions in countries in Europe 2016-2020

    • Cinema admissions per capita in European countries 2020

    • Local films' share in local cinema admissions in European countries 2016-2020

    • Most successful films in the EU 2019, ranked by admissions

    • Most successful European films in the EU & the UK 2020, by number of admissions

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