Automotive Industry in the MENA region - Statistics & Facts

The MENA region includes countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Here, the automotive industry is proving extremely resilient, although a number of countries in the region are in conflict, including Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, while others are undergoing political transitions or are not doing well economically. Despite the region’s economic and political woes, automotive production and sales are increasing overall. Countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Iran are the region’s leading motor vehicle producers, while the major sales markets include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates with African countries such as Algeria and Morocco not far behind.

By 2020, it is expected that around 3.37 million cars will be sold in the MENA region. Automotive imports throughout the region vary from country to country. In Saudi Arabia and Iran, leading brands imported include Japan’s Toyota, as well as Hyundai and Kia of South Korea. The largest share of automotive imports to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region comes from Japan, the United States and Korea. In Turkey, light vehicles from Western European manufacturers seem to be popular, above all Volkswagen and Renault.

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Automotive industry: MENA region - Important statistics

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