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Statista Dossier on gaming industry in China

This dossier provides the most important statistics and facts about the video game industry in China. It covers the most recent development of different market segments, leading market players, as well as relevant consumer figures including demographics and behavior.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Gaming market value worldwide 2012-2023

    • Leading gaming markets worldwide 2020, by revenue

    • Number of video gamers worldwide 2020, by region

    • Number of gamers in China 2008-2020

    • Overseas revenue of video games developed in China 2008-2020

    • Sales revenue of domestically developed video games in China 2014-2020

  • 2. Market segments
    • Video gaming revenue in China 2008-2020

    • Game sales revenue in China 2020, by segment

    • Sales revenue share of Chinese gaming industry 2020, by segment

    • Mobile game actual sales revenue in China 2009-2020

    • Client network game sales revenue in China 2008-2020

    • Browser game sales revenue in China 2008-2020

    • Console and PC game sales revenue in China 2008-2019

    • Market revenue of eSports games in China 2016-2020

  • 3. Leading companies
    • Gaming companies revenue worldwide 2019

    • Market share of online gaming companies in China Q1 2019, based on revenue

    • Leading Chinese online gaming publishers based on revenue Q1 2019, by type

    • Ranking of Chinese global mobile gaming brands according to BrandZ 2020

    • Leading Chinese mobile game publishers 2021, based on monthly app revenue

    • Mobile gaming app revenue in China 2021, by publisher

    • Mobile game app downloads in China 2021, by publisher

  • 4. Gamer demographics
    • Geographical distribution of video gamers in China 2020

    • Age distribution of video gamers in China H1 2019

    • Gender distribution of video gamers in China 2015-2019

    • Female online game player number in China 2015-2020

    • China's female online game player growth 2016-2019

  • 5. Gamer behavior
    • Most used devices for playing video games in China 2020

    • Gender comparison on online gaming frequency in China 2020

    • Duration of online gaming session in China 2020, by gender

    • Most preferred online game genres in China 2020, by gender

    • Most popular online game types in China 2020, by payment structure

    • Acceptable price points of gaming subscriptions in China 2020, by gamer type

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