Press releases

17.07.2019 Ride hailing is on the rise, but this growth will slow significantly
05.06.2019 The Manufactured Goods industry would be hit the hardest by a no-deal Brexit – UK Industry Reports now include exclusive Brexit analyses
14.05.2019 gets a shiny new look
30.04.2019 Statista Consumer Survey ‘Tech Giants and Digital Services’: Consumers vote Amazon as the number one tech giant over Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google
26.04.2019 The Statista Global Business Cities 2025 Report
23.04.2019 Global Consumer Survey Update 2019: Statista expands its extensive online analysis tool for global consumer data
18.04.2019 Digital Economy Compass 2019 release – available for download now
02.04.2019 Release of the Business Plan Export for the creation of business plans
01.04.2019 IT-Market-Model release
04.03.2019 Statista expands its expert tools to include 150 countries
22.01.2019 Michael Adam joins Statista's management team as CCO
04.12.2018 Statista´s global expansion continues – regional office openings in Amsterdam and Warsaw
27.11.2018 The true cost of football: UK fans pay most in Europe to follow the beautiful game
04.11.2018 Medical Academy Rostock launches pilot project "Statista for Schools"
01.11.2018 Statista continues to grow - office opening in Paris
24.10.2018 Statista launches "Statista for Schools" at the Medical Academy Rostock
05.09.2018 Global Smart TV Industry Whitepaper– Revenues and Business Opportunities for the Smart TV Ecosystem
28.08.2018 19m Premier League fans: what they think, who they support
16.07.2018 Statista saw strong growth in the first half of 2018
24.06.2018 Statista is the most used statistics database at German higher education institutions
30.05.2018 Statista launches the Mobility Market Outlook – a unique data tool focused on key figures of the automotive and mobility markets worldwide
05.04.2018 Statista launches the Global Consumer Survey, its comprehensive DIY analysis tool for consumer insights
08.03.2018 The Digital Economy Compass 2018 available to download now
06.02.2018 Statista and IRI Partner on Retail Data
29.01.2018 New Ranking: The Companies that offer the Best Customer Service in Italy
25.01.2018 Forbes and Statista Release First-Ever List Of America's Best Employers For Diversity
13.11.2017 Game on: Statista and Global Soccer Network enter soccer data partnership
18.10.2017 Statista and Forbes unveil the Best Employers and the Top Regarded Companies worldwide
13.10.2017 AudienceProject becomes insights provider for Statista
15.09.2017 42matters provides global app intelligence data for Statista
06.09.2017 Statista reaches out to ad industry through IPA tie-up
03.08.2017 The Crowdfunding Center becomes Statista data Partner
17.07.2017 GenPop, powered by Ipsos is Statista’s newest data partner
26.06.2017 Statista and Russian thought leader Brand Analytics collaborate on digital media data
22.06.2017 Priori Data: Mobile App Intelligence Data for Statista
15.05.2017 Socialbakers becomes a Statista data partner
10.05.2017 Statista and Forbes publish new ranking of “America’s Best Employers”
27.04.2017 China will be the world's largest digital market by 2018
07.04.2017 FT and Statista name Europe’s fastest growing companies
29.03.2017 The UK’s Best Car Dealers Named in an All-New Auto Express Driver Power Programme
27.03.2017 “Made in Germany“ Is World’s Favorite Brand: German Products Take First Place in Statista’s Made-In-Country Index
24.02.2017 Statista welcomes new data partner quintly
01.02.2017 IDenTV to provide U.S. TV Ad Data to Statista
01.11.2016 Statista welcomes Focus Economics as partner
05.10.2016 Statista Introduces Exclusive New Consumer Market Outlook - Everything There Is to Know About Consumer Markets
20.09.2016 The Top E-Commerce Companies – Key Players Dominate Top of the List
17.09.2016 The Best-In-Class Customer Service in Germany
09.09.2016 Statista and AUTO BILD Have Found the Best Automobile Repair Shops in Germany
02.08.2016 Statista continues to grow
22.07.2016 Digital Market Outlook Reports
28.06.2016 New Industry Reports
10.05.2016 Statista presents top strategies to increase conversion rates in German online shops
20.04.2016 Best Management Consulting Firms in the USA 2016
15.04.2016 Statista and Computer BILD identify Germany’s top 750 online shops
24.03.2016 Statista and Forbes have found them: America’s Best Employers 2016
16.03.2016 Whitepaper: Contextual Commerce – Revolution or Gimmick?
16.03.2016 Statista awarded for the second time to be the best statistical database worldwide
11.03.2016 The best of the best: Germany’s top 1,000 car dealerships 2016
24.02.2016 Statista Unveils Canada’s 250 Best Employers List in Partnership with Forbes
18.02.2016 Statista Digital Market Outlook reveals: a revenue growth of 30 percent for the connected car market is expected
18.02.2016 New Data Partner - Shared2you
13.01.2016 British Companies Lead the Bloomberg Best Employers UK 2016 Survey
08.01.2016 Statista celebrates start of the new year with office opening in Madrid
18.12.2015 P2P Lending Platforms - the future of financing
18.11.2015 Alpine countries see double-digit growth in online retail
17.11.2015 Germany’s Fastest Growing Companies
06.11.2015 Statista and CHIP are distinguishing: The best german hotlines in 2016
26.10.2015 Kickoff for the second Digital Revolution
08.10.2015 German Online shops with many touchpoints are more successful
01.10.2015 Statista study unveils what is important to Germans when selecting their energy provider
29.09.2015 Video streaming market development with Netflix
21.09.2015 Statista Opens New Branch in the Heart of London
01.09.2015 New office in New York
03.08.2015 NEW: Launch of the Spanish Content Team
06.07.2015 New at Statista: An editorial office for the French market
08.06.2015 Dr. Friedrich Schwandt; CEO Statista Q&A: Online Middle Class in Germany
27.05.2015 What makes online stores successful? - Statista reveals the top factors
19.05.2015 FOCUS and Statista are selecting the fastest growing companies in Germany - Apply now!
05.05.2015 Statista expands database to include Canada
30.04.2015 The new brand eins theme issue: Business Consultants
20.04.2015 XING and Statista share the first results of the big employers study: "Compass New World of Working"
25.03.2015 Forbes and Statista unveil America's Best Employers
13.03.2015 Statista and AUTO BILD Honor the Top 1,000 German Car Dealers
02.03.2015 Statista and Computer Bild honor the Top 400 Travel-Websites
10.03.2015 Statista’s forecast model has been updated
09.02.2015 Statista and Capital Publish Ranking of the Best Employers in France
30.01.2015 Statista and FOCUS publish employer study for the third time
29.12.2014 Library Journal chooses Statista as the best statistics portal 2014
19.12.2014 German industry report on communication agencies available now
11.11.2014 Half a million users already trust Statista
21.10.2014 E-Commerce is growing up
08.08.2014 New cooperation with
03.06.2013 Statista supports German Infographics Award
11.01.2013 Statista Continues Growth – Opening of a Sales Office in New York City
16.02.2012 Statista launches Chart of the Day