Benchmark report – Digital customer dialogue

Benchmark report – Digital customer dialogue

Together with FOCUS MONEY magazine, Statista has measured and analysed customer dialogue, with regard to scope of offerings and quality, through digital contact channels such as Facebook, online-chats or online communities. This report shows how good personal and individual customer service on the internet is. Which providers only offer a customer centre? And which offer individual assistance and personal consulting online where the customer wants and uses it? We examined 10 of the broadest reaching companies in Germany from each of the industries: Telecommunication, Finance, Insurance and Transport. We determined, from the customers perspective, which companies are convincing with their digital customer dialogue with regard to offerings and quality, and which have pent-up demand.

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The report offers a comprehensive comparison of companies that are aware of and resolve their customers’ needs and problems through digital channels. Firstly, over 2,000 customers were asked, in an online questionnaire, which digital channels they prefer to use and their level of satisfaction with them. Secondly, the dialogue channels were reviewed with regard to response time and response quality, along with measuring the scope of offerings. This was done using the so-called ‘Mystery Testing’ method, with the help of a standardised test procedure.

The report contains:

Results from the online questionnaire of customers of examined companies and providers (in total over 2,000 participants): The survey asked about user behaviour and satisfaction with the digital customer dialogue. The results of the survey are available for all companies and split into 6 determined dialogue channels (Online customer area, customer forum, online chat, email, Facebook and Twitter). Which digital communication channels do customers want and which are used in reality? What are common customer requests?

A detailed comparison of the analysed companies digital channel offerings: As part of the comparison, over 50 evaluation criteria were measured (e.g. Messenger integration, optimisation for mobile devices, presence on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). Additionally, service quality was evaluated using objective criteria such as service hours, features, proactive interaction, possibilities etc.

Detailed results of Mystery Testing of all companies across five communications channels (online customer area, customer forum, online chat, Facebook and Twitter): For the test over 10,370 individual tests were carried out across the five channels for seven use cases: billing, relocation, tariff changes, product recommendation, cancellation, complaints, and purchase.


The report consists of a professionally prepared PDF document, an Excel spreadsheet and a Tableau data set. The 100 page PDF document contains results per industry and company presented using easy to read graphs. Additionally it contains interpretations and examples (Best and Worst Practices).

The excel spreadsheet includes overall results for all 40 companies and all results from each aspect of the study i.e. online survey, mystery testing and measurement of the scope of offerings. The spreadsheet format enables the reader to filter results by companies, channels or use cases.

In addition a Tableau workbook file is included. The Tableau file, similarly to the PDF file, gives a graphical representation of the results, but also enables the interactive filtering and analysis of results. Industry or channel specific analyses can therefore be illustrated graphically in no time at all.

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