Mobile internet usage in Poland

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Statista Dossier on mobile internet usage in Poland

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Mobile phone market share held by vendors in Poland 2019-2021

    • Number of mobile users in Poland 2006-2020

    • Mobile penetration rate in Poland 2006-2020

    • Most popular telecommunication services in Poland 2019-2020

    • Number of fixed-line and mobile subscribers in Poland 2015-2020

    • Mobile phone revenue in Poland 2010-2020

    • Mobile internet usage penetration in Poland 2019, by device

    • Share of pre-paid and post-paid mobile customers in Poland 2010-2020

    • Share of mobile operators in terms of number of users in Poland 2020

    • Mobile internet access types used in Poland 2019

    • Forecast of mobile internet user numbers in Poland 2016-2026

  • 2. Mobile apps and browsers
    • Usage reach of leading web domains on mobile devices in Poland 2021

    • Audit only mobile app usage penetration in Poland 2021

    • Share of the most popular mobile apps used in Poland 2020, by category

    • Leading mobile social media platforms in Poland 2021

    • Share of Poles who use messaging apps 2019

    • Most popular mobile messenger apps in Poland 2019

    • Most popular mobile phone browsers in Poland 2019-2021

    • Share of internet users using each type of mobile app each month in Poland 2020

  • 3. Mobile data and speed
    • Volume of data transmission from mobiles in Poland 2010-2020

    • Volume of data transmission in outbounding roaming in Poland 2010-2020

    • Average 4G LTE mobile download and upload speed in Poland 2020, by mobile operator

    • Internet download speed for a mobile application in Poland 2016-2021

    • Mobile internet data transmission limit in Poland 2019

    • Internet upload speed for a mobile application in Poland 2016-2021

    • Latency for measurements from a mobile application in Poland 2016-2021

    • Mobile internet traffic forecast in Poland 2017-2025

  • 4. User behavior
    • Share of internet users in Poland 2019, by device

    • Share of people using smartphones to access to the internet in Poland 2012-2019

    • Use of mobile devices to access the internet in Poland 2019, by age and device

    • Type of activities most frequently performed on smartphones n Poland 2020

    • Reasons why businesses use mobile internet in Poland 2020

    • Ways that young people use their mobile phones in Poland 2020

    • Share of internet users who perform mobile actions on mobile phones in Poland 2020

    • Growth of users of electronic devices in Poland 2015-2020, by type

  • 5. Mobile entertainment
    • Share of devices in daily video consumption in Poland 2020

    • Frequency of watching videos in Poland 2020, by device

    • Average daily video content consumption in Poland 2020, by device

    • Leading VoD services in Poland 2020, by number of users

    • Devices used for listening to podcasts in Poland 2019

    • Most frequently used devices for listening to music in Poland 2019

    • Share of mobile game players in Poland 2020, by age

    • Share of gamers in Poland 2014-2019, by type of device

    • Share of Poles who buy mobile and browser games 2019, by age

    • Frequency of gaming in Poland 2019, by device

    • Preferred mobile game genres in Poland 2019, by gender

  • 6. Mobile commerce
    • Devices used to purchase goods online in Poland 2015-2020

    • Reason for which consumers bought with mobile devices Poland 2019-2021

    • Shopping activities done on mobile devices in Poland 2019-2021

    • Purchases made with mobile devices in Poland 2019-2021, by category

    • Number of mobile banking users in Poland 2019-2020. by bank

    • Leading banks ranked by mobile banking apps transactions in Poland 2019-2020

    • Most popular online payment methods in Poland 2020, by device

    • Use of banking applications in Poland 2019, by frequency

    • Use of contactless payments in Poland 2019, by frequency

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