Development of the world population from 1950 to 2030 (in billions)

The statistic shows the development of the world population from 1950 to 2030. The world population was around 6.93 billion people in 2010.

The global population

As shown above, the total number of people living on Earth has more than doubled since the 1950s, and continues to increase. A look at the development of the world population since the beginning of the Common Era shows that such a surge in numbers is unprecedented. The first significant rise in population occurred during the 14th century, after the Black Death had killed approximately 25 million people worldwide. Subsequently, the global population increased slowly but steadily until it reached record numbers between 1950 and 2000.

The majority of the global population lives on the Asian continent, as a statistic of the world population by continent shows. In around 100 years, it is estimated that population levels on the African continent will have reached similar levels to those we see in Asia today. As for a forecast of the development of the world population, the figures are estimated to have reached more than 10 billion by the 22nd century.

Growing population numbers pose an increasing risk to the planet, since rocketing numbers equal increased consumption of food and resources. Scientists worry that natural resources, such as oil, and food resources will become scarce, endangering the human race and, even more so, the world’s ecosystem. Nowadays, the number of undernourished / starving people worldwide has decreased slightly, but forecasts paint a darker picture.

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 World population in billions
1950 2.53
1955 2.76
1960 3.02
1965 3.32
1970 3.68
1975 4.06
1980 4.44
1985 4.85
1990 4.31
1995 4.74
2000 6.13
2005 6.52
2010 6.93
2015 7.35
2020 7.76
2025 8.14
2030 8.5
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