Nintendo Reports Disastrous Wii U Sales


Nintendo just published its results for the second quarter of 2013 and it doesn't look good for the Japanese video game powerhouse. After an already disappointing start, worldwide sales of Nintendo's new game console, the Wii U, fell to 160,000 units in the past quarter. To put things in perspective: Microsoft sold one million units of its 7-year-old Xbox 360 during the same period and even the Wii U's predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, outsold its younger brother.

The lack of software support, mediocre reviews and the recent announcement of next-generation consoles by Microsoft and Sony have probably equally contributed to the lackluster performance of the Wii U. However, the fact that Nintendo's next-generation hardware can't even compete with the current generation of consoles doesn't bode well for Nintendo's future. The competition will only heat up in the fall and Nintendo will need pretty strong arguments to compete with Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 in this year's holiday season.

Infographic: Nintendo Reports Disastrous Wii U Sales | Statista
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