Tech World Remains Male-Dominated


It is a long-standing rumour that the tech industry is dominated by men. Unfortunately, companies aren't obliged to publicly disclose data about the composition of their workforce, but luckily some do it nonetheless. Diversity reports issued by Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Intel, Facebook and most recently Twitter all point in the same direction: The tech industry is indeed male-dominated.

In all of these companies, the large majority of the global workforce is male, as our chart shows. The degree of female employment is even lower when considering leadership positions and what the companies call "tech jobs". While women account for 52% of non-tech jobs at Yahoo, they make up no more than 15% of tech jobs and 23% of leadership positions. The same is true at Google, where 21% of leadership positions and 17% of tech jobs are occupied by women.

Infographic: Tech World Remains Male-Dominated | Statista
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