E-commerce in Spain

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Statista dossier on e-commerce in Spain

This dossier presents insights and statistics on the e-commerce market in Spain. It provides an overview of the online sales as well as the shopping habits of Spaniards. The study also includes data about the demographics of Internet users that shop online, as well as information about which products Spaniards tend to purchase and their preferred payment methods.

Table of contents

  • 1. Sector overview
    • Ecommerce customers penetration in Spain 2010-2020

    • B2C e-commerce sales volume in Spain 2007-2019

    • Average amount spent on Internet purchases in Spain 2014-2020

    • E-commerce spending per capita in Spain 2012-2017

    • Share of population that made online cross-border purchases Spain 2010-2019

    • Share of companies that purchased online 2010-2018 Spain

    • Online sales and purchases over total made in Spain 2008-2019

  • 2. Demographic profile of e-commerce users
    • Users who bought online by gender Spain 2019

    • Online shoppers in Spain 2019, by age group

    • Online shoppers in Spain 2019, by number of household members

    • Internet shoppers distribution in Spain 2015-2017, by social class

    • Share of online shoppers in Spain in 2019, by city size

    • Users who bought online by employment status Spain 2019

    • Internet shoppers distribution in Spain 2013-2019, by educational attainment

    • Users who bought online by net monthly income Spain 2019

    • Share of Internet users purchasing online for private purposes Spain 2019

  • 3. Shopping habits
    • Motives why consumers shop online more than in stores in Spain 2020

    • Ecommerce: shopping frequency in Spain 2018

    • Spending by Internet users on online shopping in Spain 2020, by range

    • Online searching and shopping habits in Spain as of May 2020

    • E-commerce: sources consulted before buying online in Spain 2019

    • Devices used for online purchases in Spain 2017-2020

    • Users who bought online by quantity of devices used Spain 2016

    • Share of users who made purchases via mobile devices Spain 2014-2019

    • Most valued aspects of mobile commerce by Internet users in Spain 2019

    • Social media preferred by customers for online shopping in Spain 2020

    • Preferred delivery locations among online consumers in Spain 2016

    • Reasons for high satisfaction with online shopping in Spain 2018

  • 4. Payment methods
    • Rating of payment methods for online purchases by users in Spain 2019

    • Most used online payment methods by Internet users in Spain 2020

    • Distribution of payment means in e-commerce from mobile devices in Spain 2015-2018

    • Online buyers who paid through intermediaries in Spain 2019, by level of trust

    • Favorite methods of consumers to make future online purchases in Spain 2017

  • 5. Products
    • Online purchase share of products in e-commerce in Spain in 2020, by category

    • Share of products purchased online from mobile commerce in Spain 2020

    • Products and services bought in a marketplace Spain 2020, by category

    • Internet users who bought online household goods in Spain 2019, by age

    • Internet users who purchased online food products by gender Spain 2015-2018

    • Internet users who booked accommodation online by age Spain 2019

    • Internet users who contracted online telecommunication services by age Spain 2019

    • Internet users who purchased online training material by age Spain 2019

    • Internet users who acquired movies and music online by age in Spain 2019

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