State of e-commerce shipping in France

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Statista dossier on the state of e-commerce shipping in France

Table of contents

    • Parcels delivered by DPD worldwide 2017-2021

    • Revenue of DPD worldwide 2017-2021

    • General Logistics Systems (GLS): parcel volume 2012-2020

    • General Logistics Systems (GLS) - EBIT 2012-2020

    • Number of packages distributed in France 2017-2020

    • Courier, express and parcel market volume in France 2012-2020

    • La Poste's number of parcels in the services, mail and parcels segment 2013-2021

    • La Poste's addressed mail volume of the services, mail & parcels segment 2014-2021

    • Le Groupe La Poste's revenue from services, mail, and parcels segment 2018-2021

    • E-commerce site features of VSEs, SMEs, and micro enterprises in France 2021

    • Most used transport providers by e-commerce businesses in France 2020

    • E-shops offering free shipping according to type of sector in France in 2020

    • French e-shops taking eco-friendly packaging/shipping options in France in 2020

    • Share of e-commerce businesses customizing and/or personalizing packages France 2020

    • E-commerce shipping: number of transport providers used by companies France 2020

    • Share of e-commerce businesses offering free shipping in France 2020

    • AI importance in e-commerce to reduce storage and shipping costs in France in 2019

    • Types of e-commerce packaging proposed by French companies 2020

    • Leading e-commerce delivery methods used in France 2021

    • Preferred delivery methods when ordering online in France 2021

    • Priorities and expectations of consumers regarding e-commerce in France 2018

    • Utility of online delivery option features for e-commerce websites in France 2020

    • Utility of features regarding online delivery cost options in France 2020

    • Utility of online shopping features regarding delivery time options in France 2020

    • Preferred delivery time among online shoppers in France 2021

    • French consumers' main reasons to abandon their shopping cart 2020, by shipping issue

    • Preferred parcel tracking communication methods according to French consumers 2020

    • Shipping communication carried out by e-commerce businesses and carriers France 2020

    • E-commerce businesses sending a tracking link to carrier's website in France 2020

    • Share of online retailers sending emails to customers after purchase in France 2020

    • Number of e-mails sent to customers by delivery carriers after an order France 2020

    • Online retailers including shipping information in customer accounts in France 2020

    • Frequency of returning online purchased products in France 2020, by generation

    • Preferred ways and places for returning online purchased products in France 2020

    • Share of e-commerce businesses offering free returns in France 2020

    • Home delivery market share during the confinement in France 2020

    • Online bought articles after the Covid-19 outbreak France 2020, by delivery time

    • Organization of deliveries by French lingerie retailers during the lockdown 2020

    • Market share of drive and delivery until COVID-19 outbreak in France 2017-2021

    • Reasons for the use of food delivery applications in France 2020

    • Parcels received through online shopping by young French people during lockdown 2020

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