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The tablet market in the U.S. is a consumer electronics segment that provides professionals and hobbyists alike with the computing power of a small pc along with the mobility of a smart phone. Averages prices of around 260 U.S. dollars ensure that these devices are relatively affordable for many consumers within the U.S. and offer less expensive alternatives to traditional laptops. With annual tablet sales revenues that regularly reach over 12 billion U.S. dollars, the United States is one of the worlds largest tablet markets, a claim that is evidenced by the fact that tablet technologies had an installed base of nearly 190 million devices in the United States in 2019. Some of the most popular products in the market are Apple’s iPad Air 2, iPad Air, and iPad 2017. Thanks to their unique set of advantages, tablets have managed to carve out a consistent segment of the extremely saturated consumer electronics market.

The California-based tech company Apple is a pioneer in the global tablet market. Much of the growth and success of tablets in the consumer market is attributed to Apple’s introduction of the iPad in 2010. Since this initial introduction, the iPad has become a consistent earner for the company, regularly accounting for tens of billions of dollars in revenue, and serving as a relatively small yet stable percentage of overall earnings. Apple’s iOS operating system powers nearly 80 percent of all tablets in the United States, with its biggest competitor, Android, controlling most of the remaining 20 percent of the market. Overall, around 48 percent of tablet-using households in the U.S. reported ownership of Apple tablet products.

In terms of usage, tablets have an average session duration of around 7.5 minutes, which lies just between the average session durations for smartphones and PCs, again demonstrating the device's unique niche in the consumer electronics market. Given the increasing prevalence of Internet of Things and connected devices in general, tablets are increasingly used to control other smart home products and smart devices. In addition, the generally low cost of tablet devices, they also tend to have a relatively long lifespan of between six and seven years, partially thanks to continuous software development and updating.

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