Online cosmetics and personal care industry in France

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Statista dossier about the online presence and sales performance of cosmetics and personal care retailers in France

Table of contents

    • Revenue of the cosmetics market in France 2013-2026

    • Cosmetics sector distribution in France 2020, by product

    • Revenue of the organic cosmetics sector in France 2010-2018

    • Food & Personal Care e-commerce revenue in France 2017-2025, by segment

    • Food & Personal Care e-commerce user in France 2017-2025

    • Food & personal care: top 5 online stores in France in 2018, by net sales

    • Online revenue of the most performing beauty and cosmetics retailers in France 2018

    • Breakdown of the hygiene and beauty market in France 2019, by distribution channel

    • Ranking of favourite beauty e-commerce website in France 2018, by gender

    • Product categories for which French people make Drive or delivery purchases 2018

    • Sales share evolution during the French Days in France 2018-2019, by product category

    • Pre- and post lockdown shopping channels for beauty & hygiene products in France 2020

    • Online sales growth during the COVID-19 pandemic in France 2020, by category

    • First time or habitual online shopper share since COVID-19 in France 2020, by product

    • Online activity for cosmetic products after Covid-19 outbreak in France in March 2020

    • Conversion rate for cosmetic products after COVID-19 outbreak in France 2020

    • E-shops offering free shipping according to type of sector in France in 2020

    • Leading product categories on Black Friday in France 2021, by search volume

    • Cosmetic companies' website traffic, by number of visits in France 2020

    • Leading organically searched cosmetic companies' website in France 2019

    • Cosmetic companies' website search traffic in France 2020

    • Share of direct traffic on cosmetic companies' website in France 2020

    • Cosmetic companies' website referral traffic in France 2020

    • Cosmetic companies website: number of backlinks in France 2020

    • Cosmetic companies' website bounce rate in France 2020

    • Most popular French fashion and beauty influencers on Instagram 2020

    • Top beauty brand profiles on Instagram in France Q1 2021, by posts and interaction

    • Top beauty brands pages on Facebook in France in Q1 2021, by posts and interaction

    • Distribution of Instagram beauty influencers in France 2018, by follower number

    • Main sources of content production for French Instagram beauty influencers 2018

    • Popular publication formats of beauty Instagrammers in France 2018

    • Most mentioned beauty brands on Instagram in France 2018

    • Most popular beauty brands on Instagram in France 2018, by number of ambassadors

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