Numbers of LinkedIn members from 1st quarter 2009 to 2nd quarter 2016 (in millions)

This timeline displays member numbers of social network LinkedIn from the first quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2016, in millions. During the most recently reported quarter, LinkedIn had 450 million members, up from 414 million members in the preceding quarter.

LinkedIn – additional information

LinkedIn, which was founded in California and launched in 2003, is a social networking service for businesses and professionals. The site is available in over 200 countries worldwide in 20 different languages. A breakdown, by country, of LinkedIn’s registered membership worldwide, as of October 2014 reveals that the majority of members are based in the United States with 107 million Americans registered on the site. India boasted the second highest membership with 28 million and Brazil rounded off the top three with 19 million registered members. Furthermore, smaller countries including Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Malaysia all had an estimated 1 million registered members each.
The networking site allows members to create profiles and make connections with others as a way of establishing professional relationships. This function allows employers to advertise jobs and search for prospective candidates. In turn, job seekers can also search and view the profiles of hiring companies and individuals via existing connections. The average number of connections per recruited who used LinkedIn for recruiting was calculated in 2013 and 2014. In 2013, U.S. based recruiters had an average of 714 connections each. This figure increased in 2014, to 763 connections. Canadian, Australian and United Kingdom based recruiters, also experienced an increase in the average number of connections from 2013 to 2014.
LinkedIn offers its members a variety of appealing features. A survey undertaken in May 2014, gave an insight into the most popular features used by LinkedIn company page owners. The most popular feature, with 59.78 percent of respondents, was the ability to share status updates with company followers. Another popular feature, with 57.88 percent of respondents was the ability to review company followers.

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 Member count in millions
Q1 '09 37
Q2 '09 42
Q3 '09 48
Q4 '09 55
Q1 '10 64
Q2 '10 78
Q3 '10 81
Q4 '10 90
Q1 '11 102
Q2 '11 116
Q3 '11 131
Q4 '11 145
Q1 '12 161
Q2 '12 174
Q3 '12 187
Q4 '12 202
Q1 '13 218
Q2 '13 238
Q3 '13 259
Q4 '13 277
Q1 '14 296
Q2 '14 313
Q3 '14 332
Q4 '14 347
Q1 '15 364
Q2 '15 380
Q3 '15 396
Q4 '15 414
Q1 '16 433
Q2 '16 450
Source information for logged in users only.
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