Share of mobile internet users in selected countries who are active WhatsApp users as of 4th quarter 2014

This statistic gives information on the percentage of mobile internet users in selected countries who are active WhatsApp users. As of fourth quarter 2014, the WhatsApp penetration rate among U.S. mobile internet users was eight percent. In contrast, European countries had far higher adoption rate with Spain being ranked highest with 70 percent of mobile internet user usage penetration. Overall, South Africa was ranked first with a 78 percent WhatsApp adoption rate.

WhatsApp – additional information

The share of mobile internet users in selected countries reveals that WhatsApp is especially popular in markets outside of the United States. In a separate survey taken in February 2014, respondents in emerging mobile markets were asked which mobile messenger app they most used. In Mexico, 78 percent of respondents answered WhatsApp, as did 71 percent in South Africa, 63 percent in Brazil and 55 percent in India.
Founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo! employees, WhatsApp is an instant messaging service available in multiple languages. In spring 2014, Facebook announced their acquisition of the popular messaging platform. Prior to Facebook’s acquisition, WhatsApp’s annual revenue in 2012 was an estimated 3.82 million U.S. dollars. This total grew to 10.21 million U.S. dollars in 2013.
Since Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, the app has experienced significant growth. From the fourth quarter 2013 to the first quarter 2014, the growth of WhatsApp usage worldwide was measured by generation. In the measured time frame, WhatsApp usage by Baby Boomers worldwide grew by a significant 60 percent. In comparison, growth by Millennial users grew by 30 percent and Generation X users by 34 percent. These statistics reveal the broad appeal of the messaging app across the generations.

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 Share of mobile internet users
South Africa 78%
Malaysia 75%
Argentina 74%
Singapore 72%
Hong Kong 71%
Spain 70%
India 69%
Mexico 67%
UAE 63%
Italy 62%
Netherlands 61%
Germany 57%
Brazil 56%
Saudi Arabia 56%
Indonesia 52%
Turkey 49%
United Kingdom 34%
Ireland 34%
Australia 16%
Philippines 16%
Russia 14%
Canada 13%
Taiwan 13%
Sweden 10%
Thailand 9%
United States 8%
Vietnam 7%
France 6%
Poland 4%
China 4%
South Korea 2%
Japan 0%
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