Marketing worldwide

Marketing worldwide
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Statistics report on marketing worldwide

Table of contents

    • Share of marketing budgets in revenue worldwide 2014-2022

    • Allocation of marketing budgets worldwide 2020-2022, by segment

    • Online marketing budgets allocation worldwide 2022, by channel

    • Value of tech, media, digital, and marketing M&A deals worldwide 2018-2022

    • Number of tech, media, digital, and marketing M&A deals worldwide 2018-2022

    • Transaction value of marketing services worldwide 2018-2022

    • Number of M&A transactions in marketing services worldwide 2020-2022

    • Most important data to improve business results according to marketers worldwide 2023

    • Areas where global marketers saw the greatest benefits of improving data quality 2023

    • Leading metrics tracked by marketers worldwide 2022

    • Top trends marketers planned to leverage for the first time next year worldwide 2022

    • Work setup of marketers and creatives worldwide 2022

    • Days to get a piece of ad or marketing work approved worldwide 2022, by stakeholder

    • Share of teams of marketers and creatives collaborating remotely worldwide 2022

    • Number of countries worldwide where marketers and creatives worked from 2022

    • Changes in spending on digital platforms by marketers worldwide 2023

    • Marketing channels using automation worldwide 2023

    • Top reasons why marketers invested in new social media platforms 2023

    • Share of marketing budgets spent on influencer marketing worldwide 2023

    • Leading digital consumer engagement tactics worldwide 2022

    • Most important social media platforms for marketers worldwide 2022

    • Benefits of social media marketing worldwide 2022

    • Social media platforms with highest ROI worldwide 2022

    • Social media platforms used by marketers worldwide 2022

    • Content marketing metrics tracked worldwide 2022

    • Top purposes of content marketing worldwide in 2022

    • Tools used to measure content marketing performance worldwide 2022

    • Top interactive content types for marketing effectiveness worldwide 2022

    • Leading metrics B2B marketers used to track content performance worldwide 2022

    • Organizational goals achieved with use of B2B content marketing worldwide 2022

    • Change of B2B content marketing budgets worldwide 2022

    • Paid methods used for content distribution by B2B marketers worldwide 2022

    • Most effective social media platforms for B2B marketers worldwide 2022

    • Effectiveness of B2C social media content marketing tactics worldwide 2022

    • Use of content marketing among B2B marketers worldwide 2017-2022

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